Are you suffering from a recalled product?

When you walk into a store and buy, or order, a product, you are placing our trust in a lot of people. You assume something on the market will be safe. This assumption, frequently, proves to be a foolish one.

All too often, products are defective and dangerous, resulting in injury - sometimes, death. Product liability lawsuits serve a very important purpose: to make products safer by creating incentives for companies to create safer products.

Even when problems are discovered and a recall is issued, the products still stay on the shelves and fall into the wrong hands: those of the innocent consumer. Or sometimes you have purchased a defective product and the recall is alerted, and you may or may not have been notified in time before something tragic occurred.

Seek an attorney for a recall injury

If you have purchased a recalled product and suffered because of it, you need an attorney to help get the compensation you deserve.
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If someone in your household has suffered as a result of an accident involving a recalled product, you should immediately seek the legal advice of experienced, North Carolina product recall lawyer Attorney Patrick. Product recalls raise a number of legal issues that a lawyer is trained to recognize, helping you make a strong case. The sooner you consult with Attorney Patrick, the better able he will be able to protect your legal rights and preserve valuable evidence.

You need not be the product's direct purchaser or direct user to recover damages. Even if someone else was using the product, you may be eligible to recover damages if it caused your injury. Attorney Patrick will be able to quickly examine your case to determine the proper course of action to take.

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If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a defective product that has been recalled, you need experienced legal counsel. Contact attorney Michael Patrick. He has a proven record of helping clients wrangle with big companies responsible for defective products.