Nobody is immune to personal injury

No one who has walked through the doors of my Chapel Hill law firm or called to describe his or her needs ever anticipated being in such terrible circumstances. It was always the other guy who wrecked in the recalled car, the other woman whose toddler was injured by the defective toy, the other family who lost Dad when the hospital gave him the wrong pills.

Putting an emphasis on your injuries

Because your personal injuries are personal, this law firm strives to provide superior one-on-one service and insightful, persuasive representation to get results when you're seriously injured by dangerous products, defective machinery or tools, toxic exposure, faulty product designs, manufacturer's defects, careless drivers, or negligent professionals.

Personal injury law is an area where an experienced attorney has the best opportunity to help his or her client. I have practiced law in North Carolina since 1977. I founded the Law Office of Michael W. Patrick in 2001 to focus on personal injury, products liability, and malpractice cases, helping individuals and families throughout North Carolina.

A trusted authority in products liability and asbestos litigation

I have built a reputation among fellow attorneys as an authority in North Carolina products liability law. My decades of experience in personal injury and products liability litigation have helped numerous clients injured by car defects and defective machinery recover needed compensation.

I also helped pioneer asbestos litigation in North Carolina in the 1980s, working hard to protect victims' rights to compensation in asbestos cases. This experience lends itself to cases involving all kinds of toxic exposure and other complex cases. In the past twenty years, I have dedicated myself to helping hundreds of people injured by many types of products, including automobiles, industrial machinery, and many types of medical devices and implants such as shoulder or hip implants.

How we work together

Step 1


Our free initial consultation is one-on-one discussion about your problem, helping me understand the details of your case.

Step 2


I apply my extensive work in litigation and personal injury, breaking down the information you discussed with me.

Step 3


With my understanding and legal experience applied to your case, I present to you strategies unique to your personal injury case.

Step 4


Once we have agreed on a feasible strategy, we put it to work on your behalf. We will see this case through to the end as a team.

Taking on professionals

If you were hurt or if a loved one died due to another's negligence or wrongdoing, my extensive work in malpractice litigation will go a long way in the fight to win your case. We will look at the details of your situation to determine if you have a strong case of medical malpractice or professional negligence.