Hold manufacturers accountable for injuries

Products make money, and manufacturers rarely admit to creating and selling any kind of unsafe product because that means lost money. Not only will the company lose millions, but it may also be legally liable for the harm inflicted on users and customers.

Product defect lawsuits serve an important purpose: they make our country a safer place. Chapel Hill attorney Michael Patrick works to ensure that dangerous products are removed from the marketplace so they don't cause additional injuries or sickness to unsuspecting consumers, and assists people who have suffered damages as a result of dangerous products get compensated for their losses.

Manufacturers and their lawyers make it hard for people who have been harmed by products to receive compensation for damages, and work hard to force people who have suffered into taking less than they deserve.

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A qualified product damages lawyer such as Michael Patrick in Chapel Hill, NC can get you the compensation you are entitled to.
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Ensuring safety standards

North Carolina law requires that products meet certain standards to ensure the safety of consumers. For this reason, manufacturers and, occasionally, retail stores may be held liable if a product malfunctions, is defective, has a faulty design, or is poorly built. Sometimes a product becomes hazardous if the operating instructions are inadequate or the label does not reflect the ways to avoid adverse effects. These faulty products may include:

  • electronics
  • medical devices
  • implants and other items related to orthopedic surgery
  • cleaners, chemicals, and solvents
  • medicines and prescription drugs
  • amusement park attractions and carnival rides
  • automobiles, boats, personal watercraft, and recreational vehicles
  • computers, laptops, and technological equipment
  • zero-turn lawn mowers 
  • lawn tractors and farm tractors (including machinery and tools, produce and foods sold in grocery stores and restaurants, large and small appliances, toys, and baby and nursery products)

Consequences of companies disregarding safety

Damages caused by faulty products can include maiming, amputation, vision loss, and other side effects that were unintended. Unfortunately, some product defects can also result in an accidental death. If you lost a loved one because of a product or manufacturing defect, you may have a wrongful death case. But no matter the results of the problem with the product or the damages caused by a faulty product, it is very important that you contact the experienced Chapel Hill, North Carolina product damages lawyer as soon as possible.

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