Professionals don’t always uphold your interests

If your lawyer, accountant, stockbroker or other trusted professional's incompetence resulted in personal losses or physical harm, you may be entitled to compensation for your physical, financial, or personal injuries.

With more than two decades of experience in personal injury law, the Law Office of Michael W. Patrick has the resources and tenacity it takes to investigate and analyze your case and help you file a professional malpractice claim.

Most people associate malpractice solely with the healthcare industry. However, in the State of North Carolina, legally there are many types of malpractice.

Legal Malpractice

An example of legal malpractice is if an attorney squanders your time and resources, commits billing errors, or is professionally dishonest. They also may be deliberately incompetent in missing deadlines and statutes of limitations.

Hold professionals responsible for their actions

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Maintaining the accepted standard of care

Professionals such as lawyers, and accountants have a responsibility to provide services to patients and clients that conform to the "accepted standard of care" in their profession. This standard is usually defined as how a reasonable professional with the same expertise would act, given the same situation.

Malpractice comes at your expense

Professionals such as lawyers and accountants are trusted with your money and freedom. If your lawyer provided incorrect legal advice or failed to file suit on your behalf, you may lose money and an important legal advantage. If your accountant mishandled your money or provided incorrect financial or tax advice, you will most certainly lose money, and you may be held criminally responsible for your accountant's actions.

As soon as you think a professional has acted negligently, maliciously, or erroneously, contact an experienced malpractice attorney to learn how to protect yourself.

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Our firm offers a free initial consultation in professional malpractice cases. For experienced counsel in your case against a lawyer or accountant, set up a free consultation with the Law Office of Michael W. Patrick.