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Consumer Protection Attorney in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“I don’t shy away from a challenge.
I’ve taken cases others have dropped.”

If you’re hurt because of a big corporation’s product, I provide the voice and experience you need to be heard over those of corporate interests. With more than three decades of serving Chapel Hill and surrounding areas, my clients receive sound advice and practical strategies that serve their needs.

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Just having a lawyer ensures nothing about the outcome of your product liability or malpractice case. Successfully obtaining a desirable outcome hinges on an attorney who understands there is more than one way. You need a North Carolina attorney with practical knowledge of the process to guide your matter.

Practice Areas

Remedies for what hurts you most

Defective Products

Some companies overlook the safety of consumers in the name of profit. A flawed design, insufficient labeling or defective product can put your and your family at risk.

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Car Accidents

In a car, your life could change in an instant that could have long-lasting, harmful effects on you. A defect in your car or negligent driver could have catastrophic consequences.

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Dangerous Medical Devices

We trust medical devices with our lives. When they aren't tested properly, I can help you receive compensation for injury, illness, or even death.

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When enlisting the help of a service, such as a healthcare professional or attorney, you put your trust in them. Not all professionals act in a trustworthy manner.

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If your client is facing a difficult situation, we can work together. Let’s connect.

Referrals from attorneys who are inexperienced in matters product liability, malpractice, and personal injury are a practical way for those attorneys to improve their clients’ outcomes while earning a fee for the referring attorney. Use my understanding of product defects and injuries, and let my years of legal experience speak for you and your clients.

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Service Areas

Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill, NC

Since 2001, the Law Office of Michael Patrick has served the needs of Chapel Hill residents suffering from injuries they've suffered because of someone else's wrongdoing. If you've been hurt because of another's carelessness or wrongdoing, I am prepared to hear your side of the story. Your initial consultation is free, but time your time is limited to get your case started the right way.

Durham, NC

Durham, NC

Nobody is immune to the mistakes and carelessness of others. That's why the Law Office of Michael Patrick offers works to protect the rights of Durham, NC clients who have suffered because of others.

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC

The Law Office of Michael Patrick has provided legal solutions for Raleigh clients for more than 15 years. I offer efficient representation to help you put your life back together again.

Surrounding Areas

Surrounding Areas

Whether your previous attorney in Fayetteville, NC failed to protect your rights in a Charlotte by disregarding your interests, or a corporate entity deposited carcinogenic chemicals in your drinking water in Winston-Salem, my goal is to secure your rights and those of others around the Triangle area.I offer a free initial consultation because I believe your need for answers to your problems shouldn't come at an immediate expense. Set up your no-cost case assessment today.

A Chapel Hill, North Carolina consumer protection attorney

Making a difference for more than 30 years

It may seem as though it's all your fault, that you could have done something to avoid an injury or emotional distress. If a lawyer doesn't act on your behalf, you may believe it's because you could have prevented it. You might blame yourself for not fully researching a defective product that caused severe damage to you or a loved one.

Stop blaming yourself. For more than 30 years, I've seen cases similar to yours happen across central North Carolina. As a consumer, it's fair to assume manufacturers and professionals are following the lawful standards. 

Despite consumer protection laws, some companies and individuals take the easiest, which is not always the correct, responsible path.

There are consequences you are forced to pay for someone else’s actions. If you lose control of your vehicle and crash on I-40, you expect the airbag to properly deploy and protect you from extensive injury. 

The products North Carolinians depend upon in a car or truck crash don’t always do their jobs because of a corporation’s willingness to cut corners. 

People, each day, are put in harm’s way due to a manufacturer’s need to protect its bottom line. I have built my law firm on the idea that people should not be casualties during the pursuit of financial gain. 

It’s time you sought justified reparations for your debilitation or loss. Let me help you recover.