Da Vinci robots may hurt more than help

The concept of remote robot assisted surgery is part of a wave of technology to hit hospitals claiming to be changing the face of surgery and making it "safer.” Manufactured by Intuitive Surgical, Inc., the Da Vinci Surgical Robot was approved for marketing by the FDA in 2000. Since it was approved, it has become popular, promising less invasive surgery with a smaller incision, which reduces recovery time and is supposed to provide the surgeon with a superior range of motion.

A number of individuals, unfortunately, have experienced serious complications from Da Vinci robotic surgery. The Law Office of Michael Patrick in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has experience in this area, and can help you to seek compensation as the result of problems due to a surgical robotic procedure.

Does the Da Vinci Surgical Robot Offer Advantages?

Most physicians agree that patients can have an excellent surgical outcome without the use of the Da Vinci Surgical Robot. As a matter of fact, while use of the Da Vinci Surgical Robot is on the rise, so are lawsuits claiming grievous injury and death as a result of its use. As a result of problems with the system, including potential design defects and a failure to provide adequate training or instructions, financial compensation may be available to people who have experienced:

  • Surgical Burns to Arteries or Organs
  • Tears or Perforation of Arteries or Organs
  • Additional Surgical Procedures Following Robot Surgery
  • Wrongful Death Due to da Vinci Robotic Surgery Complications

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Financial pressures to use robots

These robots are expensive, and hospitals are trying to push their use to make up for their cost. Without definitive training standards, credentialing criteria and proven long term benefits, patients can be left to make a life changing decision based on nothing more than a hospital's need to recoup money.

When making a decision about Da Vinci Surgical Robot assisted surgery, as the patient, you are entitled to know the truth. You have a right to know:

  • Why the surgery is being recommended to you
  • Details of the surgical method
  • Qualifications of the surgeon performing the procedure
  • The training or credentialing process the surgeon was required to go through
  • How many times the surgeon has performed the recommended procedure
  • Alternative procedures that may be available
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