What are environmental laws?

You have but one world in which to live, and everyone is entitled to a clean environment. Environmental laws were developed to protect it. These laws govern the way companies and government entities conduct business, including the way materials are disposed of through municipal waste management, chemical disposal. It also protects the quality of the air you breathe, water you drink, wildlife near your home and trees around you.

But having laws on the books does not guarantee everyone is following the rules. Some people or businesses disregard these laws and proceed as they like, and it takes swift, experienced legal actions to make sure they listen.

You may have already been exposed

Environmental law protects your children against being poisoned by petroleum contaminating their drinking water. It also gives you recourse if you or your spouse suffer from a chronic or fatal disease stemming from exposure to toxic substances floating in the air at work. These things, unfortunately, happen to North Carolina families who discover the problem when it’s too late. If you believe this has happened to you, a Chapel Hill attorney may have options for recovery. Taking this step not only protects you, it protects your family.

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Petroleum contamination

Oil and gas development feed the public’s essential need for petroleum-based products. The unfortunate side effect is the increased risk of petroleum contamination in your groundwater, which is a common mishap in the petroleum industry.

And if it’s getting into your groundwater, it’s getting into your soil. This means vegetables grown in your home garden could be tainted by potentially hazardous substances, causing illnesses that could be lifelong or even fatal.

What is toxic exposure?

It may not be intentional or even detectable from the outset, but many people die each year because of toxic exposure. These fatalities stem from being poisoned by manufactured or natural toxins. Most of these people die because they weren’t properly educated about the risks or out of carelessness by someone else. They can happen in around your home, through exposure to substances such as asbestos, or in the workplace through dangerous commercial products.

Options are available to protect your family & community

Attorney Michael Patrick understands the complexities of environmental law. He offers assistance in cases of petroleum contamination and toxic exposure. Set up a consultation with his office and learn how you can preserve the health of your family, friends and neighbors.

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